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Cottage Grove Mural Project

Help Us Beautify Cottage Grove!

Cottage Grove received a $10,000 grant from Union Pacific Railroad as seed money to create a beautiful mural on the bridge at TC Jester where it intersects Kansas St. We need your help to create a mural that incorporates our history, our neighborhood identity, and is reflective of who we are. 

Mural Project: The Plan

A committee of Cottage Grove neighbors, including project managers and local artists, is working to complete this project in 2024. We are seeking community funding support in addition to grant dollars to make this project a reality.



Highlights include:

Collecting Money


Based on the size of the wall (4500 square feet), we estimate the cost of the mural will be between $30,000 - $40,000. That means we need to raise money to complete this project! We are seeking additional funds from local entities and hope to also get support from our neighbors.


Choose the Artist

In tandem with project planning, we'll choose an artist or artists to complete the project. This fall, we'll put out an RFP and seek community input on preliminary designs for the artists we select. Artists will be compensated for their time.


Create the Mural

Art is one important part of this project, but we'll also need to rent a lift (it's a big wall!), seek permitting, prep the wall, and THEN do the mural. Then we'll add an anti-graffiti clear coat on top. We hope this mural will serve as an important piece of our community's identity for years to come!


Cottage Grove Civic Association

Become a Member

Our Civic Association works hard to make our neighborhood better by providing a unified voice for our residents to make where we live a better place. Use your voice to help improve infrastructure, the park, and protect our neighborhood from threats like the widening of I-10.

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