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Security Patrols Program

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Why do we need a security program?

Crime is a consistent reality in Cottage Grove.  Between December 2015 and March 2016 Houston reported approximately 57 incidents in the upper area of Cottage Grove.  And these are ONLY the reports that were filed with the police.  Many of us have had small incidents such as packages stolen and garage or car break-ins that we did not report knowing there was no evidence and no possibility of catching the thief.  

  • 27 - Breaking and Enterings

  • 24 - Thefts from a Vehicle

  • 11 - Thefts

  • 3 - Vehicle Thefts

  • 2 - Assaults

  • 1 - Robbery

Despite multiple requests to HPD for increased patrols in our area, they are simply to overworked to provide our neighborhood with the attention it needs to make a real difference.  Other neighborhoods (such as Rice Military and The Heights) in Houston have contracted with private security companies to provide patrols in their area.  We would like to create a program that mirrors their already established and successful model.  

What do I get if I sign up?


Security Signage

Each registered household will receive a sign to place in their yard stating that the house is protected by the security company.

Emergency Response

Each registered household will receive a 24/7 emergency phone number which provides on average a 2-4 minute response time.  That's 75% faster than HPD!


Our dedicated officer will be armed, have a K-9 unit (dog) and have the authority to arrest.  

Vacation Watch Services

Going out of town?  Let S.E.A.L know and they will specifically keep an eye out on your house.  

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Where will they patrol?


Depending on response, we are currently looking at a patrol area of the Cottage Grove area north of I-10.  If we receive a a similar interest and sign-ups from Cottage Grove south of I-10 then we will expand the patrol area to include it.  

What will it cost me?

$325 per year

The upper part of Cottage Grove has 2700+ homes.  If we can get at least 225 homes committed to pay $325 per year we can afford a dedicated 40 hour per week patrol.    


Our goal is to keep the price static and as we get more households registered we can increase the number of shifts and patrols per week.  

What can I do to help?

Sign Up

Until we get the details finalized we're asking for everyone who is intersted in the program to sign up on our mailing list.  This will allow us to keep you informed as we progress and send you sign up information in the future.


We need to get the word out!  The more people we get involved, the more patrols and security we can afford.  We need volunteers to help hand out flyers, organize events, and talk to their neighbors.  Interested?  Contact us.


Come to an event to find out more about the program!  Ask questions, provide feedback, and contribute ideas.  We want to know what you think.

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Why S.E.A.L.?

We looked at Top Gun and HPD Constables.  Constables are not 100% dedicated on their patrols and can be pulled away for a call.  SEAL offered great services for the best price.  SEAL is also already being successfully used in neighborhoods around us like Rice Military.

Learn more about S.E.A.L. and what they offer here.

How many security guards will patrol?

The minimum requirement to hire S.E.A.L. is one patrol at 40 hours a week.  This is our goal to get started.  As more people sign up over our goal we will add on more hours until we have one patrol working 24/7 then we will add additional patrols if we continue to have sign-ups.  

Do we need a certain number of residents to sign up?

Yes, to start the program we will need at least 225 households to sign up.  There are over 2700 homes in Cottage Grove north of I-10 so this is a very obtainable goal.  

Is S.E.A.L. armed with weapons?

Yes, SEAL patrols are level 3 certified and carry a gun, baton, and taser.  They also have a K-9 unit with them.  

Why do we need S.E.A.L.?  I can make a citizens arrest just like them.

Under common law every citizen, like a law enforcement officer, has a right to make an arrest if the arrested person has committed a felony in his/her presence or there is reasonable cause to believe that felony has been committed.  However, a citizen's arrest is always made at the arrestor's own risk.  If the arrest proves to be unlawful, the arrestor is exposed to the risk of criminal or civil liability.  


There are a lot of rules and nuance in regards to making a citizens arrest correctly.  Yes you can legally do it, but it's much safer to let someone trained do it.  

What about people not paying?  Don't they get the same benefits? 

Everyone will benefit from a safet neighborhood, but subscribers get additional benefits such as:

  • A sign in their yard stating that they are protected by S.E.A.L. security.

  • A 24/7 response number.

  • Vacation watch services.

Will the subscription price get cheaper as more people sign up?

No, the price will stay the same.  The more people who sign up, the more patrol hours we will be able to add to our service.

How do I sign up?

We're not taking sign-ups quite yet.  We want to make sure we have enough support to get started before we begin taking money.  Once we have 300 email subscriptions we will send out an email with information on how to sign up and pay for the service.  So tell your neighbors and lets meet out goal!

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