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Business Member Spotlight: Citizens Truck

There are tons of really amazing businesses based in Cottage Grove. Today, we're spotlighting one that has supported the Cottage Grove Civic Association from the beginning: Citizens Truck!

Kyle Buthod, Cottage Grove Resident and Owner of Citizens Truck

How long have you lived in Cottage Grove? I've lived in Cottage grove since Oct 2018. I live with some other amazing guys - some of which are on American Ninja warrior but cant share names so they don't get bothered too much!

Tell us how you got inspired to start Citizen Truck? When the pandemic started, I started looking at doing something with my time - my photo business and nonprofit were on hold, and I was about to sign on the property attached to Cohn Corner Store. Then, the landlord did a slimy little deal around us. So I went mobile. Thankfully I did - it has been unreal! And it has led to employing people, serving over 150,000 Houstonians, and more!! Even projects like Bayou Bones. More about me at

What is your favorite item on your menu, and why? Acai bowl since it's the best in the city!! Or maybe any of our other items since they are all locally sourced - Pudgy's cookies, Ten Fold coffee, - hard to beat these treats since they are some of Houston's top small businesses!

Acai bowls from Citizens Truck

Where can we find your truck, and how can we book you if we'd like to do a special event? The truck is at Memorial Park daily - Fall hours are around 7a-9p. We do events all over the city with and without the truck (what we call catering) - we are out 3-5 times a week doing these events in offices, homes, churches, schools, and more - we can cater ANYthing - acai bowls, coffee, cookies, macarons, charcuterie, pastries, popsicles, and more! Anything else you want us to know? Prob that we cater!! Drinks + desserts + pastries + and more! ... acai bowls, coffee, cookies, macarons, charcuterie, pastries, popsicles, and more!


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