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Civic Association March Meeting Recap

The Civic Association has been very busy to start the year! Check out this quarter's meeting updates by viewing the recording, checking out the presentation deck, or reading the minutes.

Major highlights include:

  • Hempstead @ Kansas construction is finally moving forward in a big way - Union Pacific moved their tracks, so next step is demolishing the bridge. We'll keep you updated on closures!

  • We continue to oppose managed lanes on I-10 and approved a community response to TxDOT: Either consider a capped option a la No Higher No Wider or we oppose this project completely. Check out the presentation for lots of great links and direction on how to submit your comment!

  • The City is finalizing the playground replacement at Cottage Grove Park based on our feedback. Once they press "go" it will take 6-8 months to install.

  • Sidewalks on Kansas are still happening but the City needs to move some obstructions in the right of way first. Expect construction this summer.

  • Cottage Grove East infrastructure improvements continue to plod along - they are working on a small phase in between Shepherd and Durham currently and the big part will start a year from now (not 2027 - there is a typo on the Engage Houston website that scared us!).

Thanks to all the awesome members who support our work - we're grateful for you! Did you know it's just $25 to become a member and support your Civic Association? Join now and help move our community forward!


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