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Cottage Grove Civic Association - September Meeting

it was a great turnout for the Civic Association meeting last night, and there were a ton of updates on almost every issue we're tackling (plus some other fun, unexpected ones)!

Here are the meeting minutes from last night's meeting, and here are the slides from the presentation. If you would like to view the meeting recording, here is the link.

A few key highlights from the meeting:

  • We are up to 121 Civic Association members: if you're a resident, please join us so we can increase our collective voice. We also just received our nonprofit status from the federal government!

  • The TxDOT I-10 Inner Katy Managed Lanes project was NOT selected for inclusion in the Houston Galveston Area Council plan this year. One reason was our collective, organized response. Go team!

  • Cottage Grove East is still in the City of Houston's capital improvement plan, but the bulk of the construction will occur in 2023 - many years after it was supposed to start. We are trying to get answers.

  • A huge infrastructure assessment effort was just completed for our neighborhood. It will help us make a case for improvements to the City of Houston. We'd like to expand it even further and need your help! Email us if you'd like to join in.

  • We're starting up Yard of the Month in October! More details to come :)

  • There are a few cool projects percolating, including the creation of a mini mural on TC Jester and the possible planting of the bridge median on Kansas at TC Jester. More info in a future meeting.

  • We're working on making the park better, but first we need to establish a relationship with the Parks Dept and learn more about how we can improve it. Seeking volunteers!

We followed the meeting with an informal meet and greet at Down the Street. It was nice meeting people from the neighborhood. We are appreciative of the several folks who showed up and raised their hands to volunteer. We are excited about expanding our leadership team into committees so we can take even more action! Let us know if you want to help.


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