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January Community Wide Clean Up Was a Success!

The very first Cottage Grove Civic Association community-wide clean up was held Saturday, January 22. It was a very chilly but beautiful morning, and we were so excited to see so many people from our community come out to volunteer!

The neighborhood was in particularly bad shape from the recent issues with recycling pickup, as a few windy days had blown trash all over the neighborhood out of trash cans. This was no match for the group of fantastic volunteers who showed up and made Cottage Grove sparkle.

This was the sign up so we make sure we cover as much ground as possible.

Coffee and donuts were served to hungry volunteers, and dogs helped too!

These awesome neighbors have lived here for a long time - that trash grabber means business!

Can you believe these amazing neighbors rolled these tires like 5 blocks to trash them?!

This was just a portion of the trash that was removed from the neighborhood - many people threw theirs away in their own trash cans.


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