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Cottage Grove - Infrastructure Updates

Action Needed: I-10 Inner Katy Managed Lanes Project

TxDOT presented several options earlier this year for a planned expansion of I-10 between 610 and downtown. All presented options have a severe impact on the neighborhood in ways of traffic noise and pollution. The Civic Association issued a letter stating we did not support the project in its current form and suggested alternatives that would be less impactful.

We are coordinating with the Stop I-45 organization, and based on their recommendations, we plan to speak at the August 10 City Council Meeting. We will reiterate what was stated in our letter and ask for the support of the City Council to address our concerns with the I-10 project.

The more speakers Cottage Grove can bring the better! We encourage any residents worried about their homes being impacted by the I-10 expansion to sign up to speak. City Council Meeting Details

  • Tuesday, August 10th; meeting begins at 1:30 PM

  • Citizens can speak before the council starting at 2:00 PM

To sign up to speak, please call the City Secretary’s Office at 832-393-1100. You will need to call in before the start of the meeting. The number to call is: (936) 755-1521; Conference ID# 621 042 42# Get more information

Neighborhood Sidewalk Improvements

The infrastructure committee would like to make our residents aware of the City of Houston Sidewalk Safety “Mayors Office for People with Disabilities” program.

This program can provide up to 1,500 feet (two Cottage Grove Block Lengths) of improved sidewalk accessibility for people with disabilities to safely travel to important destinations around the neighborhood.

The application can be completed by the individual or someone on their behalf. The infrastructure committee would love to assist anyone who could benefit from this program. If you or someone you know might be interested please have them email the Civic Association,

METRO Stop Improvements

The infrastructure committee would love to talk with anyone who uses the bus stops on Kansas or TC Jester regularly. These are locations that could benefit from sidewalk improvements, and we’d like to hear from users. If you or someone you know might be interested, please email the Civic Association at


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