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Cottage Grove - TxDOT Project - Act by March 31 & Meeting Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday evening to discuss the TxDOT Inner Katy Managed Lanes Project and gave input on our community response.

The community letter will be sent to TxDOT in advance of the March 31 deadline, as well as Cottage Grove community partners and elected officials. We also strongly encourage you to independently submit comments so TxDOT can see our community is engaged and on the same page.

Act before the comment period ends on March 31st:

  • Inform TxDOT that you do not support any options because of concerns to your home and neighborhood in ways of noise, pollution, and right of way acquisition.

  • Inform TxDOT that they should reconsider the scale of the project and look at alternatives that can minimize impact to our neighborhood while still accomplishing their goals.

Take Action: Please download the comment card and email it to

Each concept has the potential for substantial impact in terms of noise, pollution, or right of way acquisition.

We ask all residents to review the project materials for themselves and provide comment. We have included an example comment below that is in line with our proposed letter. It’s important to understand that this is very early in the project process and there will be more opportunities to provide feedback to TxDOT.

Example Comment:

Dear TxDOT Houston District - Advanced Project Development Director,

I am a resident of Cottage Grove and have recently been informed of the I-10 Inner Katy Managed lanes project. After reviewing the project materials I am very concerned about all concepts proposed and the impacts they may have on my home and neighborhood.

Concept A appears to threaten homes along the feeder and our only green space, Cottage Grove Park. Concept B brings the noise and pollution of I-10 upwards on elevated freeway decks and projects it across our neighborhood.

Concept C does both – elevating the freeway lanes and then bringing them immediately adjacent to our homes and park.

I oppose all options. TxDOT should reconsider the scale of this project and look at alternatives that will have less impact on the neighborhood.


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