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March Community Meeting Recap

If you couldn't make it to the meeting in March, no worries - we've got you! Here is the slide deck and here are the meeting notes. You can also view the meeting recording here.

One huge thing to celebrate is that our membership is growing! We're at 177 current members, all of which have joined since we rebooted the Civic Association only 1 year ago. If you're not a member yet and you live in Cottage Grove, we hope you'll join so you can have a voice and help advocate for your community.

Upcoming Events

Don't miss our upcoming events, which include the Playdate in the Park in partnership with Lift Memorial happening at Memorial Elementary on Saturday, April 2 from 9-11am. Even if you don't have kids, come on out to help Memorial Elementary improve their community garden at their community garden workday, happening at the exact same time!

After a very successful community cleanup in January, we'll be hosting another one on Saturday, May 7 from 9-11am. More info about these events can be found here.

Project updates

  • Design is happening now for Cottage Grove East road and drainage improvements. One block will be completed this year, with the remaining in 2023/2024.

  • We are advocating hard for road and drainage improvements in the rest of Cottage Grove, both north and south of I-10! We're taking a short and long term approach, attempting to make as many immediate gains as possible and advocating for larger capital improvement projects at the same time.

  • District C requested a list of streets that need sidewalks, and we've provided a prioritized list and justification based on 108 points of data we collected last year and upcoming projects that would benefit the community. We have also submitted the top 5 poor quality/collapsed ditches so they can be assessed and remediated.

  • There will be a meeting in April on the capital improvement process just for District C, and we need to get as many people there as possible! More details to come, but please consider being present to advocate for much needed improvements to our neighborhood. This is the way change happens.

  • There is a project kicking off this year to connect the White Oak Bayou trail that ends in Cottage Grove's east side all the way to Memorial park. It's starting with a connector underneath TC Jester. It is finally happening this year and should be complete by the end of the year. TxDOT is having issues with Union Pacific approving permits for their piece over I-10, so it is hard to determine when that part will happen at this time.

  • Shepherd/Durham is getting a major upgrade from 610 to I-10, and it's going on a "road diet!" Our neighborhood will be minimally impacted until phase 2 of this project (so a few years down the road), because they are working from 610 downwards.

  • METRO will be improving 3 bus stops this year near TC Jester and I-10 in our neighborhood, and design is happening to improve all the bus stops on Kansas. The Kansas stops will be improved in 2023, as the ditches are a challenge (for all of us :) ).

Hope you can make it to the next meeting - have a great day!


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