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March Community Meeting Recap - Big Stuff Happening in Cottage Grove!

Spring has sprung, Cottage Grove has a ton going on! If you missed the March meeting, here are the meeting notes and here is the recording. Thanks to the 59 residents who joined and the crew who met up at Down the Street afterwards!

Key highlights include:

  • Council Member Abbie Kamin joined to talk about District C's upcoming plan to complete the sidewalks on Kansas St from TC Jester to Langston - it's 1/5 of the total District C budget for these sorts of things at a cost of $160,000!

  • Lisa Johnson from the City of Houston joined to describe how the Cottage Grove Park playground replacement will proceed. It is budgeted at $250,000, and the Civic Association will be forming a committee to review and recommend playground structures.

  • Elections were finalized and we welcomed 2 new leaders to the fold

Want to get involved? If you'd like to join the committee to replace the playground (you must be a member first), let us know. Not a member yet? Join today and make a difference in your community!


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