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Meet the Winners of March Yard of the Month in Cottage Grove!

Spring is the perfect time of year to spruce up your yard, and no one knows this better than Sean and Stephanie Burch, winners of the March Yard of the Month in Cottage Grove! During my short time speaking with them, they shared some great tips and insights into how they transformed their small yard into a beautiful outdoor space.

Stephanie and Sean have lived in their home for 6 years with their dog, Seve. Their yard may be small, but it is bursting with color and creativity. Stephanie likes to utilize the space as best she can and usually plants annual flowers for color, whatever the local nursery has. She also has potted citrus trees and potted plumerias out in the front, adding a tropical flair to their outdoor space.

As I was setting up my camera, a neighbor walked by with her dog and commented on how they always have such pretty colors in their yard. It's easy to see why Stephanie and Sean won Yard of the Month!

This friendly couple were happy to share some advice for those interested in improving their own yards. "I think the easiest way to make a yard look nice is having a bit of color and maintaining the yard," Stephanie said. "A designated flower bed for annual (seasonal) flowers always looks great, and you can update the flowers as the seasons change. If you don’t have room for a flower bed, buy some pots and use those!"

If you're interested in joining the Cottage Grove Civic Club and getting involved in the community, there are many events and initiatives to look forward to. In addition to the Yard of the Month program, the club also organizes a monthly neighborhood cleanup. It's a great way to get to know your neighbors and give back to the community. Click Here to join us!

Congratulations to Sean and Stephanie on their well-deserved win! Their yard is an inspiration to us all, and we hope their tips and insights will help you transform your own outdoor space.

--Michael Forbes


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