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Cottage Grove is Bringing It for Halloween!

UPDATE 10/26: Congrats to the winner of Most Spooktacular Decor - the Ghostbusters house at 5248 Larkin, Unit F! Be sure to see it at night and in the daytime: the details are amazing and you'll have two totally different experiences. Congrats also to the second and third place homes, 5526 Petty and 5515 Kiam. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Huge props to all the neighbors having fun and making a serious effort for Halloween this year. It has been smile-inducing to see all the kids (and grown ups!) walking around to see what our creative neighbors have pulled off this year.

Handing out candy this year, or planning on passing out treats for pups? Nextdoor has a great map where you can pin your house to let people know you're in for trick-or-treating.

Check out these incredible nominees for Most Spooktacular Decor:

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