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Cottage Grove Civic Association - June Meeting

The Cottage Grove Civic Association's June meeting was held on Wednesday, June 9. It was well attended, and we addressed a whole host of interesting and useful topics for the neighborhood!

David Fields, Chief Transportation Officer for the City of Houston, presented a pilot project happening in Cottage Grove South to reduce cut through traffic and make the streets safer. Here are his slides from the presentation.

There were plenty of updates on major projects that impact our neighborhood - be sure to check out the meeting slides to see all the latest happenings.

We also outlined our goals and aspirations for the year as a Civic Association. They are:

  1. Build a foundation - Ensure we're a solid, strong organization that will support the neighborhood for years to come

  2. Build relationships - Establish meaningful relationships within the neighborhood and with the City of Houston, Super Neighborhood 22, other area civic associations, and other businesses.

  3. Build membership - Increase the Civic Association's reach within the community, allowing us to better serve Cottage Grove

  4. Achieve nonprofit status - With our application already submitted, when the Civic Association becomes a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit, it will enable us to accept donations and be tax exempt

  5. Establish committees - creating infrastructure, community engagements, parks, and security committees will compound the positive impact the Civic Association will have on our neighborhood.

Speaking of committees, chairs were introduced at the meeting for two important committees: community engagement and infrastructure.

Chuck Sargent is the chair for the community engagement committee, and he has already begun the process of reaching out to the community and local businesses to create awareness and increase membership. A meet in greet is in our future, and Chuck is the perfect person to lead this effort!

John Lynk is the chair for the infrastructure committee and has both excellent ideas and initiative. John's experience in his professional life will greatly benefit Cottage Grove, and he's already begun collecting data as the foundation of a broader plan.

We are still looking for chairs for the parks and security committees, so please let us know if you'd like to be a leader by emailing us at

If you aren't a member yet and would like to join, become a member today!

If you missed the meeting, here is the recording, and here are the slides.


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