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Help Make White Oak Bayou Greenway a Park...and Prevent Expansion of I-10!

As previous posts have mentioned, TxDOT has proposed to elevate 1.7 miles of I-10 from Downtown to Taylor at a cost of $347 million. It's a terrible project. The green spaces along White Oak Bayou will be destroyed.

TxDOT has plans to clear cut 28 acres of forest to construct a detention pond, raise the freeway by 90 feet, and place numerous elevated ramps over land that is currently used by wildlife and the public.

If the city or county designated White Oak Bayou Greenway as a park, it would stop or significantly limit the I-10 expansion, under federal law. It will also preserve natural habitat for wildlife, provide greenspace for public use, and prevent development on this land.

Cottage Grove Civic Association has joined with a coalition of organizations and community leaders to make this happen, sponsored by Councilmember Letitia Plummer, who has been out front on this issue.

What can you do to help? Show our elected officials that the community wants this park by signing this petition to create White Oak Bayou Park.


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