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It's Hurricane Season: Keep Your Ditch Clean and Protect Our Neighborhood!

Now THAT'S a beautiful ditch!

If you've lived in this neighborhood for more than a minute, you know that ditches are just a part of life in Cottage Grove. And during hurricane season, they become critical, because they carry water away from our homes and out to White Oak Bayou, where water eventually makes its way into the Gulf of Mexico. For that to happen and our homes not to flood, a lot has to go right.

While we are actively fighting to get better drainage infrastructure in our community, there is a lot that can be done to keep us safe in the meantime. Here is how you can keep your home and the rest of our neighborhood safe:

  • Know that the ditch in front of your home or townhome community is YOUR responsibility! You have to keep it cleaned and maintained, not the City.

  • Keep your ditch well-mowed and weeded so that water can move through it.

  • Keep your ditch free from trash. Trash clogs up the pipes and pollutes our waterways.

  • If the ditch is caved in, call 311 and they will dig it out for you. Don't depend on someone else to do this - if you see a ditch that needs to be dug out even if it's not in front of your house, call 311.

  • Download and post this printable flyer around our neighborhood to let others know.

Thanks for doing your part to keep our neighborhood safe from flooding!

This is what not to do - clean, mow, and weed ditches so water will flow!


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