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New Sidewalk at Cottage Grove Park!

UPDATE: the sidewalk is finished and is both beautiful and functional!

Project in progress photos::

Council Member Abbie Kamin, District C, is excited to announce a sidewalk connectivity project coming soon to Cottage Grove!

The District C office has been working with residents in Cottage Grove over the past few months and listening to their concerns about safety, mobility, parking, and drainage issues. Our staff has done two separate site visits to walk the neighborhood and observe where these issues are occurring. We are grateful to the residents who have been communicating with our office, engaging with Super Neighborhood 22, and working to restart the civic association.

One of the sidewalk issues that residents flagged is the lack of sidewalk on the east side of Cottage Grove Park. This missing connection forces residents to walk in the street on a particularly dangerous part of Cohn St. where the I-10 feeder ends and cars are frequently speeding around the corner. Sidewalks are a priority for Council Member Kamin, particularly where there are missing connections to trails and parks, so our office was able to fund a new sidewalk on the east side of the park (west side of Cohn St.). Construction is scheduled to begin this week; please reach out to with any questions and we will be happy to follow up.

There is a trail project being planned by TxDOT and Memorial Heights TIRZ (tax increment reinvestment zone) that will connect Memorial Park, through the Cottage Grove neighborhood, to the trailhead of the White Oak Bayou Trail and Heights Hike and Bike Trail. Our office will continue to look at how to create a safe route for pedestrians through the neighborhood and connecting to the trails on either side. We look forward to working with the civic association to make this happen.

Please reach out to our office at with any City-related questions or needs and our staff will follow up!


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